Mom, coffee lover, Dr. Pepper obbsessed, and Freezer Meal fanatic

Story behind Freezer Prep Friends

When I had my second child and became a stay-at-home mom I felt all this pressure to do it all. 

You know, clean the house, cook the food, have a side gig, keep the kids alive. 

I quickly found for our crazy lifestyle I just simply could not do it all. The WHOLE time I was cooking dinner I was juggling grumpy kids, a clingy toddler, and my husband was doing all he could to help. It just was not working. 

When I started freezer prepping meals I couldn’t believe how happy I was at the end of the day. 

I dump my meal in the Instant Pot and then I go to hang out with my kids. THAT’S IT. 

I cuddle them on the couch. I get to really spend time with them and tend to their needs because they’ve had a long day too! 

I made this membership so that you all can have this amazing peace when it comes to meals too. Mama keeping up with meals is hard, but you’ve got this!

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